Yeah, this one is in english

Only a few days left!

I felt a kind of bored so now I gonna do an entrie in English.
Uhm, something I've always have thought about is the fact that english-speaking people hear all the english songs like every song in the world was on Swedish, if we take it from our perspective. And when swedish singers do song with swedish lyrics I think it's more appealing for us swedish people 'casue we understand every word exactely in the song.

And swedish people can hide their messages behind english lyrics. So it isn't so clearly for us.
But that can't english people do.

And you know the Bieber guy? He is hated or loved all over the world. And many of the swedish people hate him. But shouldn't english-speaking people hate him more? Because his lyrics is quite lame and so on. They are beautiful but they are so easy. So if the lyrics was in swedish it would sound like:

"Och jag ba älskling, älskling älskling åh
Ba älskling, älskling älskling nej
Ba älskling äöskling älskling åh
Jag trodde att du alltid skulle vara min, min"

"Älska mig älska mig
Säg att du älskar mig
Lura mig lura mig
Oh hur du gör mig
Kyss mig kyss mig
Säg att du saknar mig
Berätta för mig vad jag vill höra
Berätta att du älskar mig"

I mean, isnt that pretty lame?

Postat av: Freddis

Om du inte visste det så är den senaste "bieber-texten" snodd utav svenskar (the cardigans), så det är inte hans ändå ;)

2011-07-18 @ 01:53:23

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